Miazma – Walk The Wire

Miazma - Walk The WireSwedish gothic rock artist Miazma has finished his latest album Walk The Wire which is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp from Gothic Music Records.

Previously a duo started in 1996-97, Miazma is now a solo project for Kristian Olofsson from Klippan, Skåne. The music from Miazma has evolved towards a darker style with several releases including,  Judgement Day (2001), “17” (2002), Shattered (2004), Dollar Rush (2007), Dressed in Black (2011), and Miazma (2014).

A single for “Walk The Wire” was recently featured on the free download compilation 33 Goth bands you should know Vol 3.

The new album Walk The Wire will be released January 14th.