New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #006

120 Volts #006120 Volts #006 – New and classic track by The Neon Judgement, Bloque del Sur, Liebe, Poesie Noire, Revolting Cocks, The Witch Will Die Tomorrow, Dead Cult, Gene Loves Jezebel, La Scaltra, Hexadiode, FabrikC, and Mind.In.A.Box.

Chinese black- The Neon Judgement
Intercomunicador- Bloque del Sur
Revolution Of Love- Liebe
Come Pjutr Syntax Error- Poesie Noire
T.V. Mind – Revolting Cocks
Black Stick of Trees – The Witch Will Die Tomorrow
People Of Lies- Dead Cult
The Immigrant – Gene Loves Jezebel
Nightmares – La Scaltra
Synchrocidal – Hexadiode
Wahn – FabrikC
Introspection – Mind.In.A.Box