Christine Plays Viola – Spooky Obsessions

Christine Plays Viola - Spooky ObsessionsItalian Dark / New Wave band Christine Plays Viola are set to release their 3rd studio album which will be out September 30th — you can now pre-order Spooky Obsessions in digital or physical format from their Bandcamp page and immediately receive two songs “Ossessione” and “Nefarious” in digital format. The band has also released a short video revealing a few details about their new album.

For the band Spooky Obsessions is an album where, “lyrics are inspired by stories of people at the moment of death, that remember the trauma suffered in life and the concerns that have gripped their souls and minds. Evil, fear, obsession, demons are all alive in their minds.”

Visit the band page and sign up to received a 10% discount coupon to use on their Bandcamp page and pre-order the new album.

This post was originally published June 28, 2016 but has been updated with new information.