Velvet Acid Christ: Greatest Hits / Upcoming Shows

Velvet Acid Christ - Greatest HitsMetropolis Records has released a long overdue collection of Velvet Acid Christ’s Greatest Hits—from the earliest tracks that earned the band dance floor notoriety, all the way through to the most recent album Subconscious Landscapes.

The cd and digital release features remasters of classic Velvet Acid Christ songs and is also available on vinyl with art by Vlad McNeally.

Velvet Acid Christ is set to start a series of live shows beginning May 16th at Wave Gotik Treffen:

Leipzig, Germany – May 16th

Prague, Czech Republic – May 18th

Frankfurt, Germany – May 20th

Rotterdam, Netherlands – May 21
Newark, New Jersey – June 4th
with Alter Der Ruine

Boston, Massachusetts – June 5th

Bradford, UK – August 26-29

Oslo, Norway – September 3