New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #003

120 Volts #003120 Volts #003 – New and classic tracks featuring Marred Autodafeh, Nexus VI, Somatic Responses, Benjamin’s Plague, Soman, Front 242, Bleib Modern, X-Fusion, Velvet Acid Christ, frl.linientreu, Greater Than One, and Gary Numan.

By The Moonlight – Marred
Legacy – Autodafeh
High Voltage – Nexus VI
Over the Limit – Somatic Responses
Impossible (Darktunes Mix) – Benjamin’s Plague
Innocence V. 2 – Soman
Take One (Tefonik’s Ritual De Lo Minimo Remix) – Front 242
Blackened Soul 04:00.300 Bleib Modern
Rotten To The Core (Solitary Experiments remix)- X-Fusion
Mindphlux (Trip Zone Mix) – Velvet Acid Christ
The Walk – frl.linientreu
Black Magic – Greater Than One
Dead Sun Rising – Gary Numan