Tying Tiffany returns with new project: LAURAPALMER

LaurapalmerPolish label Mecanica Records has released a new EP by LAURAPALMER, the new dark techno side project by Italian electronic artist Tying Tiffany (also known as Tiff Lion).

Taking the name of the fictional character from the American television series Twin Peaks, Tying Tiffany has returned to her roots of German and Belgian acid, techno & ambient music.

Tying Tiffany is an artist with a music career going back to 2004 and five studio albums to her credit, and now she looks to revive elements of music that have influenced her passion and musical path. As a collector of the underground side of techno, she has drawn inspiration from the early 90s and bands including Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia and Kode IV, to create an EP that includes remixes from Montanà, Soft Metals, and Supersimmetria and emphasize a harsh sound, hard kick, and a 303 bass line.

Tying Tiffany DJs at Italian Decadence party
Tying Tiffany DJs at Italian Decadence party

The new LAURAPALMER EP is available at Mecanica Records.

A1. Fog Attack
A2. Bloodgum
A3. Confict
B1. Fog Attack (Soft Metals remix)
B2. Bloodgum (Montanà remix)
B3. Conflict (Supersimmetria remix)