Para Normal – The Cold Room

ParaNormal - The Cold RoomDark elecro band Para Normal is set to release the followup to their debut album Evidence Is Everything, the Mexican group adds another sensational masterpiece to their discography with the new full-length album The Cold Room via EK Product (Space Race Records) available November 20th, 2015.

Eleven powerful songs are just waiting to surprise you with high dosages of danceable energy, combining electronica, synthpop, darkwave and EBM featuring shadowy, futuristic melodies, pulsing- symmetrical percussion and harmonious flow of synths, to form the sound structure of the tracklist. The new album is mixed and mastered by the legendary Claus Larsen, aka Leaether Strip.

Para Normal was founded by the duo of Rodlek Konde and Arthur Monk in 2005. The first album was co-produced by Chris Reynolds (Red Flag). The band has now recruited a third member, Egresth, and are moving toward a harder and more club oriented sound.

The Cold Room Tracklist

  1. Cold Spot (intro) 02:49
  2. Ghost Radio 04:13
  3. Lies 04:33
  4. Reaching Hands 04:52
  5. Paint It Black 04:53
  6. On My Own 04:19
  7. Endless 04:19
  8. Confined 04:43
  9. Tears Of Stone 04:48
  10. Blind World 05:37
  11. The Haunted 04:53

Listen to the sound of Para Normal with their Evidence Is Everything album trailer from 2014.