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Psychonaut - Angel Theory

New Angel Theory album: Psychonaut

Psychonaut is now available and marks the return of an Angel Theory album since Encrypted Relics appeared in early 2014. The new album release comes after its first single “Worlds Collide” was debuted last month. Steady beats and pulsing synths drive several stand-out tracks on album including “Worlds Collide,” “The Last Resort,” “Noise In My Head,” “Man On Fire,” and… Read more →

Angel Theory - Worlds Collide

Angel Theory – Worlds Collide: New Single from Psychonaut

Angel Theory is back with new music, “Worlds Collide” is the first single from the soon-to-be-released new album Psychonaut. “Worlds Collide” is now available via Bandcamp and contains two bonus tracks, “Connect” and “Die With You,” that will not be available on the album. Psychonaut which is due December 1st, marks the return of Angel Theory since Encrypted Relics in… Read more →