Bleib Modern – 2 Afraid 2 Leave

Bleib Modern

After 2021’s critically acclaimed album Afraid To Leave, Berlin based post-punkers Bleib Modern invited artist friends to take an outside perspective on their tracks, resulting in the 2 Afraid 2 Leave compilation, featuring remixes and reworks from several esteemed names within the darkwave, post-punk and EBM music scenes.

From club bangers like IV Horsemen’s version of “Bitter Smile” and M!R!M’s synthpop take on “Into The Night” to Danish deviant pop artist Dune Messiah’s crooner “Loony Voices”. The album also contains remix/rework contributions by e.g. The KVB, The Underground Youth, Blind Delon, Shad Shadows and various Bleib Modern bandmember side projects.

With 2 Afraid 2 Leave you can enjoy Bleib Modern’s music from a different perspective while the band is working on brand new material.

The album is accompanied by a video for “Into The Night”, a charming self- directed music video by Thomas Schamann, the band’s drummer (and “glitchboy”), using footage taken from their vibrant Fall 2021 tour when being on the road with M!R!M throughout Germany, France and Czech Republic.

Artwork for 2 Afraid 2 Leave created by Thomas Schamann and Peter Zeitner, audio mastered for vinyl by Ruud Lekx R.

2 Afraid 2 Leave will be released February 23rd via Wave Tension Records (vinyl) / Icy Cold Records (cd) and can be pre-order from Bandcamp.