The Ultimate Dreamers – Echoing Reverie (vinyl)

The Ultimate Dreamers - Echoing Reverie (vinyl)Independent post-punk label Wave Tension Records of Eindhoven, Netherlands has announced a limited-edition vinyl version of Echoing Reverie, the new opus from Belgian quartet The Ultimate Dreamers that came out in March. The release of the album is accompanied by a new video for the single “Midnight”, directed by Thomas De Moor.

Active in the mid-80’s and heavily influenced by the British post-punk dissonant style and the Belgian cold-wave melancholic atmosphere, the band resurrected during the COVID lockdown, releasing a selection of old demos on the Live Happily While Waiting For Death CD and vinyl in 2021. A dynamic impulse that brought The Ultimate Dreamers not only back on stage but also into the studio with their new line-up with Bertrand on guitar, Frédéric on vocals and Joël on bass with Sandrine, a classical musician, on keyboards and cello. The magic is back!

Produced by Len Lemeire (Implant, 32Crash, Anne Clark…), the new songs intelligently merge nostalgic cold wave chills and alluring poignant vocals with carrying basslines and irresistible danceable beats to become “less is more” addictive tunes that capture you in no time. If you like bands such as New Order, The Cure, Minimal Compact, John Maus, Trisomie 21 or yet Section 25, Echoing Reverie comes highly recommended for a timeless dusk sonic experience at the crossroads of darkness and brightness. Let us also notice their lingering electric interpretation of AC/DC’s classic “Hell’s Bells” as well as the bonus club hit remix of “I Loved You!?” by Implant.

The album will be presented on stage at the band’s next concerts:

  • 19 May: Chez Poupoune – Ath (be)
  • 27 May: Canal 10 – Hautrage (be)
  • 4 June: Moulin Fantôme – Tubize (be)
  • 30 June: Le 3 Pièces – Rouen (fr)
  • 1 July: Marquis de Sage – Rennes (fr)
  • 9 September: Into the Dark fest – Zonhoven (be)
  • 23 September: Minicave fest – Münster (de)
  • 7 October: Brasserie de la Mule – Brussels (be)
  • 14 October: Bunte Welt – Cottbus (de)
  • 9 December: Crossover Music Pub – Gent (be)