Randolph & Mortimer – The Incomplete Truth

Randolph & Mortimer - The Incomplete TruthIndustrial, Synth, New Beat, EBM act Randolph & Mortimer from Sheffield, England has a new album out today, The Incomplete Truth is an 8-track 45 minute-long homage to everything the act loves about electronic music. The brief for this album was simple, every track had to be strong enough to fit in the R&M live show so all killer and no filler.

Named after the antagonists of the movie Trading Places, the act performs live shows as visual art pieces alongside videos. The music is heavily based on 80’s propaganda and the parallels we face today involving politics, religion & conspiracy theories.

The Incomplete Truth is dark, it’s euphoric, it’s happy, it’s sad. It’s Industrial, it’s electronic. It’s collaborative and it’s personal. It’s an emotional journey that sounds like it was made by machines.

Featuring collaborations with the awesome Andi, New-Romancer, Black Dahlia and Dominique Slva, The Incomplete Truth is now available in digital format via Bandcamp and may be released in physical media in the future.