Corlyx – Take Off Everything

CorlyxIn anticipation of their album Blood In The Disco to be released in 2022 by Out of Line Music — darkwave / post-punk duo Corlyx have a new video/single for “Take Off Everything” — the music video was directed by Corlyx singer Caitlin Stokes.

She comments about the new single: “Take Off Everything is a celebration of sensuality, strip off all that you carry and offer yourself to love, and it is also about just letting things go and moving forward; I love a good double meaning behind lyrics.”

“This track sonically hosts the feeling of the 80’s post-punk and new wave. It’s very much a get-up and dance track,” adds Caitlin.

Corlyx is Caitlin Stokes and Brandon Ashley, initially formed in Los Angeles until the duo set out for Berlin. Now living in Brighton U.K. Corlyx adds a live bassist to their lineup and explore the realms of darkwave/post-punk with a modern production.