Xeno & Oaklander – Vi/deo

Xeno & Oaklander - Vi/deoMinimal electonics synth duo from Brooklyn, NY Xeno & Oaklander are set to release their seventh full-length album Vi/deo October 22nd on CD/LP & Digital via Dais Records.

The third single from the album “Afar” is an infectious French Disco song, mixed with minimal synth arrangements and bitter sweet French lyrics. Xeno & Oaklander team up with visual artist Egan Frantz for the music video. In his directorial debut, Egan Frantz creates a minimal music video set in an empty theater. Seemingly shot in one take, a camera rotates steadily as Liz of Xeno & Oaklander appears and disappears in and out of frame, sometimes multiplied.

Pre-order Vi/deo via Dais Records available in these formats:

  • Red Vinyl LP (w/ scented paper insert) | 200 edition
  • Green Vinyl LP | 400 edition
  • Blue Vinyl LP | 600 edition
  • Black Vinyl LP
  • Compact Disc