Haus Arafna – Blut + Nachblutung LP

Haus Arafna - Blut + Nachblutung LPHaus Arafna have re-released a limited edition version of 1995’s Blut and Nachblutun in red vinyl with heavy cardboard gatefold and printed inner sleeves.

Blut was Haus Arafna’s first album. It first appeared in 1995 as a limited edition CD, was remastered and reissued in 2006 as CD with the inclusion of three bonus tracks (Nachblutung). Blut was never released as a vinyl version, this omission is now amended.

Blut consists of three sections (Trilogie des Blutes), each side of the vinyl containing one section. The fourth side contains Nachblutung. The tracks have all been remastered, and lean acoustically on the original 1995 version.

Update: The album available via Galakthorrö has sold-out but there is a waiting list sign-up here.

1. Geburt
2. Blot Out Your Soul
3. Blood
4. The Hell Of A World Next Door
5. And Justice For All
6. Natural Order
7. He Colored Me Blind
8. Maruta
9. Selection
10. Satan Organophosphor Shock
11. Swastika Kommando
12. Oradour Sur Glane
13. They Never More Open Their Eyes
14. Anämia
15. Signed With Blood
16. Learn To Fight