New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #009

120 Volts #009 New & Classic EBM Industrial Darkwave Electronic Tracks120 Volts #009 – a selection of 15 new and classic dark electronic tracks including Drab Majesty, Miazma, The Psychic Force, Vandal Moon, Lassique Bendthaus, Shad Shadows, Transfigure, Cabaret Voltaire, A Projection, The Bellicose Minds, Wire, Geometric Vision, Leæther Strip, Soman, and Sjöblom.

Too Soon To Tell – Drab Majesty
Far Away – Miazma
Drive – The Psychic Force
Digitalmerica (feat. Logan Sky) – andal Moon
Biohazard – Lassigue Bendthaus
Black Suite – Shad Shadows
Translation – Transfigure
Sex, Money, Freaks – Cabaret Voltaire
Dark City – A Projection
The Creature – The Bellicose Minds
German Shepards – Wire
Another Day Without Blue – Geometric Vision
Luc Van Acker – Leæther Strip
Twister – Soman