New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #007

120 Volts #007 New & Classic EBM Industrial Darkwave Electronic TracksHere is another selection of 14 new and classic dark electronic tracks including The Mission, Miazma, Häxan, She Past Away, Philadelphia Five, Syntec, Absolute Body Control, The Bolshoi, [de:ad:cibel], Brandy Kills, Ritual Howls, Skinny Puppy, Beborn Beton, and Public Image Limited.

Met-Amor-Phosis – The Mission
Walk The Wire – Miazma
Time – Häxan
Watch Out – Philidelphia Five
Liberte – Syntec
Take A Deep Breath – Absolute Body Control
A Way (Original 7″ Mix) – The Bolshoi
Rain Of God (Original) – [de:ad:cibel]
Black Gold – Brandy Kills
Scatter the Scars – Ritual Howls
Dig It – Skinny Puppy
She Cried (Single Edit) – Beborn Beton
The Order of Death – Public Image Limited