Blutengel – History – The Vinyl Collection

Out Of Line Music is reissuing the first 5 albums by Blutengel that were previously only available on CD to vinyl. The new vinyl record box set will be limited to 499 copies and is now available to order via the Out Of Line Music shop.

Blutengel - History

History – The Vinyl Collection bundles Child Of Glass, Seelenschmerz, Angel Dust, Demon Kiss and Labyrinth on classy double-LP editions in large scale gatefold sleeves on quality 180 gram color vinyl (each album sporting a different color.) The LPs come in a solid, lacquered and lavishly printed large-scale slipcase that renders this strictly limited fan-item a real gem. All albums have been carefully remastered for vinyl by the band let you re-live the classic albums that made Blutengel great in a completely new sound.


Child Of Glass
A1 Introduction
A2 Beauty Of Suffering
A3 Goddess Of Lies
B1 Weg zu mir
B2 Das Blut der Ewigkeit
B3 My Time
B4 Desire

A1 Du tanzt
A2 Leave The World
A3 No God
B1 Warriors Of Destiny
B2 Suicide
B3 Demon Of Temptation
B4 Foot Worship

A1 Welcome To The Suicide (Intro)
A2 Seelenschmerz
A3 I’m Dying Alone
A4 Der Spiegel
B1 Schmerz 1 – Liebe
B2 Die With You
B3 Run Away
B4 Soul Of Ice

A1 Schmerz 2 – Lust
A2 Bloody Pleasures
A3 Children Of The Night
A4 Schmerz 3 – Einsamkeit
B1 Any Chance
B2 Road To Hell
B3 Schmerz – Tod
B4 After Death (Outro)

Angel Dust
A1 Angel Dust 1
A2 Stranded
A3 Vampire Romance Part 1
A4 Vampire Romance Part 2
B1 The End Of Love
B2 Iron Heart
B3 Our Time

A1 Wonderland
A2 Angel Dust 2
A3 Black Wedding
A4 I Will Follow
A5 Silent Death
B1 Angel Of The Night
B2 Keine Ewigkeit
B3 Night Of Sin
B4 Angel Dust

Demon Kiss
A1 Angel Of The Dark
A2 Forever
A3 Silent Tears (For You)
A4 In The Distance
B1 Solitary Angel
B2 Love Killer
B3 Senseless Life
B4 In My Dreams

A1 Navigator
A2 Stay
A3 Ice Angel
B1 Go To Hell
B2 Resurrection
B3 Frozen Heart
B4 Verzweiflung

A1 Into The Labyrinth
A2 Singing Dead Men
A3 A New Dawn
A4 Beauty And Delight
B1 Dreamland
B2 Gloomy Shadows
B3 Shame

A1 Body Move
A2 When The Rain Is Falling
A3 I Remember (Everything)
A4 Lucifer
B1 Sunrise
B2 Behind Your Mask
B3 Engelsblut
B4 Escape (Outro)