EBM: Orange Sector – Monoton EP

Orange Sector - Monoton EPGerman EBM band Orange Sector (Lars Timm Felker, Martin Bodewell, and Rene Nowotny on live support) have released their new Monoton EP via Infacted Recordings.

Since their 1992 demo tape The War Comes Home, produced at Pink Production in Hannover, Germany, Orange Sector have built a great career as EBM artists. A stellar start  was established on Zoth Ommog Records and working with producer Sevren Ni-Arb (X-Marks the Pedwalk) for their 1993 debut album “Faith.”

Today Orange Sector are part of the second-wave of EBM, with a history of 23 years, 12 album releases, several EPs and singles. The new Monoton EP is the first part of a planned trilogy featuring 4 songs and 3 remixes (by NZ, Agrezzior and Celluloid). This new 7 track CD is by far the most strong release by Martin Bodewell and Lars Felker to date.