Dark Electro Sound: Eyes In Black – My Gift To You

Eyes In Black - My Gift To You (EP)Eyes In Black has released its debut creation, My Gift To You, a five-track EP that blends electronic, industrial and dark electro sounds.

The one-man project of James Underwood, Eyes In Black, has been inspired by electronic and metal music, as well as sci-fi, cyber punk, and horror films.

Eyes in Black stems from the concept of the “nothingness” in the universe, a blank canvas of nothing in which to create where, “everything” is the paint and our soul is the paintbrush.  Underwood believes that music is a universal communicator and it is the duty for artists of any field, whether it be music, films, books or concepts to broaden the mind of the consumer to contribute to humanities further development into something more.

My Gift To You is the first EP for the public (independently released and available via iTunes) and the plan is to expand the sound of Eyes In Black with each release to keep the fans interested. A second and third EP are already in the works.