Phantom Vision release fifth album: Ghosts

Phantom Visions - GhostsPortuguese gothic rock band, Phantom Vision return with their fifth studio album Ghosts on COP International.

The Lisbon band of Pedro Morcego (Vocals, Programmings, Bass and Guitars),  James Dead (Keyboards) and André Joaquim (Guitars) founded in 2000, have played hundreds of shows and shared the stage with many bands such as The Mission, Clan of Xymox, Covenant, Ataraxia, Sanguis et Cinis, Bloody Dead and Sexy, and This Morn Omina.

Thematically Phantom Vision’s concept album explores one of the most profound questions we can ask ourselves: does anything remain? All things/ emotions die in the end. What is left is hope and a yearning for more – time, love, joy, life,… Ghosts are reflections of things that were once real and are now on the verge of being lost for all eternity, yet clinging to our realm before they fade forever.

Musically Phantom Vision stick to their trademark sound of gothic rock with a touch of electronic. The Tracks “No limit” and “Wrong Time” are prime examples of this infectious combination and are reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy at their peak.  Batcave at it’s best! But Phantom Vision does not limit themselves by any means. The standout track “Millionaire” has an early punk vibe and is driven by a fantastic guitar and vocal arrangement.