New release: Jaguardini – Sleep Walker

Jaguardini - Sleep Walker Jaguardini from Harrisonburg, Virginia combine the sounds of old videogames and synthesizers with various styles of electric music to create its new album Sleep Walker.

As a score to Robert Weime’s 1920 German Expressionist horror film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, this album was written to unfold with the narrative and convey the inner psyches of the characters on-screen.

With influence from post-punk, darkwave, and psych-rock, the distorted instruments and haunting chords go hand in hand with the contorted shapes and eerie images created for the film.

Instruments include a 1988 Gameboy, a vocodor, 1980s Yamaha and Casio synths, guitars, and sometimes saxophones, melodicas, organs, and violins.

Visually, Jaguardini is also highly experimental; psychedelic mind-numbing 1960s style oil projections are projected behind the musicians.