Noise sculpted sound: Pantser Fabriek – Stahlzeit

Pantser Fabriek - StahlzeitPantser Fabriek, from The Hague, Netherlands, has their second release Stahlzeit now available on Bandcamp from Hack die Rübe the sub-label of SkullLine.

There is no mystery here, Stahlzeit is just pure energetic and loud old-school EBM at its best.

From the opening “Stahl-Musik,” a style and tempo is set as if forged in steel. The second track “Come Closer” gives us English lyrics along side the driving beat. An almost pop-style industrial sound is present on “EBM Girl.”

The rest of the album is no-nonsense noise sculpted sound, with the resonating mechanical title tracks “Stahlzeit,” “Schau mal” and “Kopf nach oben!” standing out as excellent examples of driving EBM.

A digital bonus track, “No more work” closes out the album with its uptempo electronic industrial tone.

With Stahlzeit, Pantser Fabriek is not reinventing the wheel but rather providing us striking tracks that are raw and perfectly put together revealing honest old-school EBM.