Nettwerk release Peter Murphy – Remixes from Lion

Peter-Murphy-Remixes-From-LionNettwerk Records has released Remixes from Lion by Peter Murphy.

This is the companion piece to last year’s tenth solo album of the same name.

This new release features seven remixes from Killing Joke bassist Youth, who also produced last summer’s Lion.

It also includes four bonus songs from the Lion recording sessions.

The album is available on iTunes and other digital service providers, with a limited run of 2,000 physical copies worldwide.

Track listing:

1. Hang Up (Youth Remix)
2. Low Tar Stars (Youth Remix)
3. The Ghost of Shokan Lake (Youth Remix)
4. I Am My Own Name (Youth Remix)
5. I’m On Your Side (Youth Remix)
6. The Sound Of Water (Youth Remix)
7. Loctaine (Youth Remix)
8. The Sound Of Water
9. Gabriel
10. Prayer of Jonas In The Belly Of The Whale (White Star Hawk Spirit Dance)
11. Discreet Medley (Richard Thorne Ambient Remix)

Available now