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Lucidstatic - You Are Here

Remix Album: Lucidstatic – You Are Here

Alaskan electronic artist Lucidstatic, also known as James Church, has released You Are Here, his is a collection of remixes from material released on The Wreckage ( CRL Studios) and Fatalist (Signifier). The resulting mixes are diverse in genre and shed new light on old works. Remixers include Testube, Cold Therapy, Corroded Master, iammynewt, Mind.Divided and more! Lucidstatic combines a… Read more →

Noisuf-X 10 Years of Riot

Album Review: NOISUF-X – 10 Years of Riot

NOISUF-X the dark electronic side-project of X-Fusion’s Jan Lehmkämper, has reached its 10th anniversary. To commemorate the event Pro Noize has released a compilation album filled with an excellent assortment of past tracks covering 2005’s Antipode through 2014’s Invasion. The album “10 Years of Riot” also includes an extensive collection of unreleased tracks and unfinished demos. NOISUF-X “10 Years of… Read more →