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Daniel Myer - Find Fund Finish

Daniel Myer – Find Fund Finish

German Electronic / EBM / Techno producer, DJ, and musician for Haujobb and Architect Daniel Myer has put out 21 tracks – almost 2 hours of music via Bandcamp as fundraiser release, to get his instruments back that were stolen on a recent tour and finish work on the latest Architect album. As a bonus you will get a 13 Minute piece, that was written for… More

Mass-X-Odus - Societal Decline

Mass-X-Odus – Societal Decline

The Adam X side project Mass-X-Odus has a new 4-track emb/techno/industrial release out now on aufnahme + wiedergabe. The new 12″ is titled Societal Decline and is the first release since 2013’s Gang Wars / Redlining. It is available on vinyl and digital directly from on the Sonic Groove Bandcamp page. Societal Decline by Mass-X-Odus More

Blush Response - Abuse Your Freedom

Blush Response – Abuse Your Freedom

Industrial / techno artist Joey Blush a.k.a Blush Response has a new 4-track EP Abuse Your Freedom due this week on German label aufnahme + wiedergabe. Two tracks are now streaming on Bandcamp and available for immediate download when you pre-order. A 12″ vinyl version of the EP is available August 3rd as a limited edition of 500 copies. Abuse Your Freedom by… More

War Scenes - Anorexia

War Scenes – Anorexia

Berlin-based techno artist and producer War Scenes deliver a new EP titled Anorexia on Black Verb Records and Instruments of Discipline. The 4-track dark techno / ebm infused release by is available on cassette and digital download via Bandcamp and features music recorded in 2017. Anorexia by War Scenes More

Forms of Hands 18 - VA

Forms of Hands 18 – VA

Hands Productions has a new compilation out today that is available on Bandcamp, Forms of Hands 18 features a considerable sampling of 14 exclusive tracks of electronic, techno and industrial sounds from a diverse group of great artists including DIRTY K, CACOPHONEUSES, CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor, MONOLITH, ONTAL, hyDRONE, SHORAI, Phasenmensch + ICD10, BLAC KOLOR, NULLVEKTOR, END.USER, Sylvgheist Maëlström, and AH… More

Qual - The Ultimate Climax

Qual – The Ultimate Climax

Qual has released his second full-length album The Ultimate Climax on Italian label AVANT! Records and it is now available for purchase in digital, LP and CD format via Bandcamp. The Ultimate Climax by QUAL More

Some have to dance… some have to kill

Some have to dance… some have to kill

Mecanica Records has new 6-track ebm/techno/electronic music compilation featuring LAURAPALMER, Romance Disaster, L Sedition, Delectro, Randolph & Mortimer and FX Millimetric. Some have to dance… some have to kill can be obtained via Bancamp as a digital download and is now shipping vinyl. Some have to dance… some have to kill – VA compilation by various artists More

Schwefelgelb - Den Umgekehrten Atem

Schwefelgelb – Den Umgekehrten Atem

Schwefelgelb will soon release Den Umgekehrten Atem, a 4-track EP on Fleish Records. The new hard-hitting techno/ebm EP will be available on vinyl August 28th is available for pre-order via Bandcamp and can be previewed with a teaser on Soundcloud. More

Liebknecht - Produkt EP

Liebknecht – Produkt EP

Electronic musician Daniel Myer in a collaboration with Rinaldo Bite has released a new 4-track EP today – Produkt is made up of previously unreleased ebm / industrial  / electronic material coinciding with Bandcamp’s August 4th support of trans rights with 100% of sales proceeds going to the Transgender Law Center. Read more about today’s Bandcamp event here. Liebknecht – Produkt EP by Liebknecht More

Blush Response - Nano Mechanism

Blush Response – Nano Mechanism

Blush Response have a new EP Nano Mechanism that is out now on RND. Records with remixes from Vlaysin and Thomas Delecroix as well as a new video by Sebastian Kökow from the29nov films. Nano Mechanism by BLUSH_RESPONSE More