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Winter Solstice - Free Compilation

Winter Solstice – Free Compilation

Unknown Pleasures Records of Barcelona, Spain have released Winter Solstice – a digital compilation curated by Pedro Peñas Robles featuring tracks by A★I, Antipole, NORMA LOY remixed by Versari, NONE, Selfishadows, European Ghost, Japan Suicide, Thesaintcyr feat Pascale Le Berre, Cenizas, Silent Runners, Adan & Ilse, Caffetine remixed by Dylan McBride, Liebknecht, and Simi Nah Music. Winter Solstice is available for… More

The Other Side - VA

The Other Side – VA

Witch-house.com has released a new 12-track electronic / ambient music compilation as a tribute to Stranger Things’ Upside Down.  The free download The Other Side is available from Bandcamp – however any name-your-price purchase proceeds will will be forwarded to Bat Conservation International to help  with efforts to protect bats, their habitat, and to educate the public on the importance of… More

120 Volts #016

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #016

120 Volts #016 – Odonis Odonis, Laurapalmer, Klinik, Section 25, In Death It Ends, Virgin in Veil, Sounds Like Winter, Häxan, Növö, Stereotaxic Device, Cyberaktif, Greater Than One, Then Comes Silence, and The Spiritual Bat. More

Some have to dance… some have to kill

Some have to dance… some have to kill

Mecanica Records has new 6-track ebm/techno/electronic music compilation featuring LAURAPALMER, Romance Disaster, L Sedition, Delectro, Randolph & Mortimer and FX Millimetric. Some have to dance… some have to kill can be obtained via Bancamp as a digital download and is now shipping vinyl. Some have to dance… some have to kill – VA compilation by various artists More

120 Volts #015

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #015

120 Volts #015 – New & classic dark electronic tracks with Bootblacks, Andi, Blac Kolor, Circa Tapes, Inhalt, Drab Majesty, Ötzi, Xmal Deutschland, Makaria, Dame, Red, Nonn, Nitzer Ebb, //Tense//, and Tzusing. More


Synthicide Compilation V1.0

Synthicide, the NYC monthly music event hosted by Andi Harriman has released clips from the upcoming vinyl and digital release of SYNTHICIDE COMPILATION V1.0 out on ready made Distribution and Bandcamp on September 7th. Update 9/7/17: Here is the vinyl version now available from Hard Wax. TRACK LISTING A1. Homoagent – Le Peak A2. SΛRIN – 777 A3. Andi – Object: Crucifix B1.… More

Red Mecca

Red Mecca – Set in Motion / Alcohol

Swedish dark electronic duo of Jan Strandqvist & Frida Madeleine known as Red Mecca have released two new singles “Set in Motion” and “Alcohol” from their forthcoming fourth full-length album. More

120 Volts #014

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #014

Hypno5ive returns with 120 Volts #014 – a selection of 14 new and classic dark electronic tracks including Xarah Dion, Boy Harsher, Forces, Anticipation, SΛRIN, The Spiritual Bat, Pawns, Espejo Convexo, Baroque Bordello, None, Sekunde, Liebknecht, Depeche Mode, and Noise Unit. More

Boy Harsher - Country Girl EP

Boy Harsher – Country Girl EP

Boy Harsher have a new EP Country Girl on Ascetic House due in October. They have released the first single “Motion” as well as a video for the track starring Kristina Esfandiari and directed by MJ Bernier. Fall tour dates have also been released – the full list is below the video. Country Girl EP by Boy Harsher 07-21 Atlanta, GA –… More

Blush Response - Nano Mechanism

Blush Response – Nano Mechanism

Blush Response have a new EP Nano Mechanism that is out now on RND. Records with remixes from Vlaysin and Thomas Delecroix as well as a new video by Sebastian Kökow from the29nov films. Nano Mechanism by BLUSH_RESPONSE More