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H ø R D - Futures remix

H ø R D – Futures remix

French synthwave / darkwave musician H ø R D has released two new remixes of tracks from the Futures EP. “F&L “by Volcan and “Skin Tense” by Second Spectre are now available via Bandamp as name-your-price downloads. Futures – remix by H ø R D More

Ferocity Kills - Violent Starlight

Ferocity Kills – Violent Starlight

Expected on 7/7/17 the Violent Starlight EP will be the debut release from darkwave / synthop conceptual audio-visual artist Faith Lucille. The EP will showcase her love of dark imagery and fantasy. The independent musician local to the Central Coast of California has developed her skills in music as well as in experimental film and photography under the name of Ferocity Kills, she has… More

120 Volts #010 New & Classic EBM Industrial Darkwave Electronic Tracks

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #010

Hypno5ive presents a selection of 18 new and classic dark electronic tracks including Principe Valiente, Bleib Modern, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Clan of Xymox, This Cold Night, The Dust of Basement, Tanks and Tears, Schwefelgelb, The Agnes Circle, Xmal Deutschland, The Rorschach Garden, Vandal Moon, Poésie Noire, KiEw, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Sisters of Mercy, [:SITD:], and Final Cut. More

Crystalline Stricture - Undigital

Crystalline Stricture – Undigital

Electronic / cold-synth musician Crystalline Stricture has released Undigital a new EP on Belfast’s TONN Recordings available via Bandcamp and features creations of electronics sounds influenced by early Human League, Gary Numan, Massive Attack, Leftfield, and Aphex Twin. Also check out the 5-track album Terminal Decline released in December. Undigital by Crystalline Stricture More

La Danse Macabre 2

Free Compilation: La Danse Macabre 2

At Sea Compilations has returned with a new La Danse Macabre collection. Volume 2 of the series offers a varied selection of acts from genres of Goth-Rock, Wave, Electronic and Darkwave. With 37 tracks and a total running time of 165 minutes La Danse Macabre 2 is an extensive release with a preparation time over a half of a year. Download… More

120 Volts #009 New & Classic EBM Industrial Darkwave Electronic Tracks

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #009

A selection of 15 new and classic dark electronic tracks including Drab Majesty, Miazma, The Psychic Force, Vandal Moon, Lassique Bendthaus, Shad Shadows, Transfigure, Cabaret Voltaire, A Projection, The Bellicose Minds, Wire, Geometric Vision, Leæther Strip, Soman, and Sjöblom. More

Synthétique: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982​-​2016

Synthétique: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982​-​2016

UK-based Minimal Synth / Coldwave and Post-Punk label Peripheral Minimal is proud to present: Synthetiqué: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982-2016. Almost a year in the making, with tracks having been mislaid or buried underneath piles of original demos, then reconstructed and remastered! This compilation aims to highlight the core elements of French Synth-Pop from its earliest incarnation to newer acts influenced… More

Gin Devo - Electrotheque

Gin Devo – Electrotheque

The German Dark Dimensions Label Group which is dedicated to Electro, Industrial and Gothic music is set to release a new album Electrotheque by Belgian electronic musician Gin Devo of Vomito Negro on January 27th, 2017. Recorded on his massive collection of old school synthesizers, Gin takes you on a journey full analogue basses, pumping drum machines, vintage string machines and… More

Anders Manga - Sacrificial Night

Anders Manga – Sacrificial Night

Dark electronic artist Anders Manga has released a new single “Sacrificial Night” on Bandcamp. Anders from Transylvania County, NC. takes his inspiration from John Carpenter and Gary Numan, he released his debut album, One Up for the Dying in 2004 via his own publisher/label Vampture Records. After some touring and festival appearances, he returned to the studio in 2006 and emerged with… More

Various Artists - Reflections of the Southern Moon

Various Artists – Reflections of the Southern Moon

Werkstatt Recordings has released Reflections of the Southern Moon, a new compilation sampler of Dark Wave / Cold Wave / Minimal Synth / Gothic / New Wave / Experimental / Industrial tracks including exclusive new material from Geometry Combat & Resistance Of Independent Music. The compilation is available via Bandcamp as a digital download and in a limited edition cassette. 267.… More