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Synthicide Compilation V1.0

Synthicide, the NYC monthly music event hosted by Andi Harriman has released clips from the upcoming vinyl and digital release of SYNTHICIDE COMPILATION V1.0 out on ready made Distribution and Bandcamp on September 7th. TRACK LISTING A1. Homoagent – Le Peak A2. SΛRIN – 777 A3. Andi – Object: Crucifix B1. Silent EM – Serpents B2. Statiqbloom – Survival B3. Cute Heels… More

120 Volts #014

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #014

Hypno5ive returns with 120 Volts #014 – a selection of 14 new and classic dark electronic tracks including Xarah Dion, Boy Harsher, Forces, Anticipation, SΛRIN, The Spiritual Bat, Pawns, Espejo Convexo, Baroque Bordello, None, Sekunde, Liebknecht, Depeche Mode, and Noise Unit. More

Boy Harsher - Country Girl EP

Boy Harsher – Country Girl EP

Boy Harsher have a new EP Country Girl on Ascetic House due in October. They have released the first single “Motion” as well as a video for the track starring Kristina Esfandiari and directed by MJ Bernier. Fall tour dates have also been released – the full list is below the video. Country Girl EP by Boy Harsher 07-21 Atlanta, GA –… More

Blush Response - Nano Mechanism

Blush Response – Nano Mechanism

Blush Response have a new EP Nano Mechanism that is out now on RND. Records with remixes from Vlaysin and Thomas Delecroix as well as a new video by Sebastian Kökow from the29nov films. Nano Mechanism by BLUSH_RESPONSE More


Catching Up With TSTI

We have caught up with S. Smith to learn more about his darkwave / electronic / synthopop project TSTI and also peek into his latest album Endings recently released on German label Basic Unit Productions. The 10-track album mastered by Sid Lamar (Keluar/Schwefelgelb) features Jennifer Touch as well as remixes by Hante. and Ssleeping desiresS that upon hearing will bring back memories of a simpler time in dark… More

H ø R D - Futures remix

H ø R D – Futures remix

French synthwave / darkwave musician H ø R D has released two new remixes of tracks from the Futures EP. “F&L “by Volcan and “Skin Tense” by Second Spectre are now available via Bandamp as name-your-price downloads. Futures – remix by H ø R D More

Ferocity Kills - Violent Starlight

Ferocity Kills – Violent Starlight

Expected on 7/7/17 the Violent Starlight EP will be the debut release from darkwave / synthop conceptual audio-visual artist Faith Lucille. The EP will showcase her love of dark imagery and fantasy. The independent musician local to the Central Coast of California has developed her skills in music as well as in experimental film and photography under the name of Ferocity Kills, she has… More

120 Volts #010 New & Classic EBM Industrial Darkwave Electronic Tracks

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #010

Hypno5ive presents a selection of 18 new and classic dark electronic tracks including Principe Valiente, Bleib Modern, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Clan of Xymox, This Cold Night, The Dust of Basement, Tanks and Tears, Schwefelgelb, The Agnes Circle, Xmal Deutschland, The Rorschach Garden, Vandal Moon, Poésie Noire, KiEw, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Sisters of Mercy, [:SITD:], and Final Cut. More

Crystalline Stricture - Undigital

Crystalline Stricture – Undigital

Electronic / cold-synth musician Crystalline Stricture has released Undigital a new EP on Belfast’s TONN Recordings available via Bandcamp and features creations of electronics sounds influenced by early Human League, Gary Numan, Massive Attack, Leftfield, and Aphex Twin. Also check out the 5-track album Terminal Decline released in December. Undigital by Crystalline Stricture More

La Danse Macabre 2

Free Compilation: La Danse Macabre 2

At Sea Compilations has returned with a new La Danse Macabre collection. Volume 2 of the series offers a varied selection of acts from genres of Goth-Rock, Wave, Electronic and Darkwave. With 37 tracks and a total running time of 165 minutes La Danse Macabre 2 is an extensive release with a preparation time over a half of a year. Download… More