November 18, 2017

Paranoia Musique Vol. 2 – VA

Paranoia Musique Vol. 2Brazilian label Paranoia Musique has released its second compilation Paranoia Musique Vol. 2 via Bandcamp. Founded by Diego de Oliveira (of the synth band Cubüs) the label (which is also an underground party from Rio de Janeiro) brings in this release the best new and innovative artists of the underground that are invading alternative radio shows and nightclubs with their distorted guitars, synth bases, gloomy keyboards strings and ethereal vocals.

Paranoia Musique Vol. 2 delivers minimal, coldwave, synth-pop, industrial, new wave, post-punk, deathrock with:

Antiflvx (Colombia) // Makaria (Argentina) // Acid Brain (France) // Tempos de Morte (Brazil) // Equinoxious (Mexico) // Diktatur (Argentina) // Frankreich (France) // Gangue Morcego (Brazil) // Love The Ghost (Italy) // Agura Matra (Indonesia)