December 13, 2016

Top 5 Albums of 2016

Hypno5ive - Top 5 Albums of 2016From Bootblacks to The Mission, 2016 has been a year filled with an extensive amount new alternative music and plenty of Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, Gothic, & Postpunk offerings. It has been great having so much to listen to this year and here is the selection of Top 5 Albums of 2016.

5. Bootblacks – Veins

Bootblacks - VeinsFrom Brooklyn comes Bootblacks debut album with a dark and memorable combination of new wave and post-punk sound.

4. Peine Perdue – Nuit Blanche

Peine Perdue - Nuit BlancheThe French / German duo of Coco Gallo and Stéphane Argillet deliver electro-synthpop-minimal wave.

3. Ash Code – Posthuman

Ash Code - PosthumanAsh Code produce a collage of new darkwave and electronic music blending dark ballads and obsessive beats.

2. Combichrist – This Is Where Death Begins

Combichrist - This Is Where Death BeginsDark and fast – the new Combichrist album ushers in a blend viscous metal and hardcore industrial.

1. The Mission – Another Fall From Grace

The Mission - Another Fall From GraceVeterans of the postpunk and gothic rock sound return with a tour to commemorate their 30th anniversary and a new album that is an excellent experience beginning-to-end!